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About us

Who we are

30+year-old, 140+ employees,
Guadalajara Plant; 5 other minor locations

We are a Mexican design and engineering house, focused mainly on building automated production lines. Each project is new and different, as well as multidisciplinary, which means that there are always exciting opportunities to learn and innovate.

Our customers are automotive TIER-1s that supply parts to the car manufacturers you know, such as VW, GM, BMW, Tesla, etc. These are some of the largest companies in the world which means that interaction with customers around the world, from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds, is an everyday thing.


we do

We build one-of-a-kind projects from scratch. This means that when a customer has an assembly and/or testing process for which they need a production station or line, we:


Study their needs


Propose a concept


Design the equipment (electromechanical)


Manufacture the mechanical parts


Purchase the components to be integrated (robots, actuators, sensors, etc.)


Assemble the parts from points 4 and 5


Program & validate the station or line


Install and test at the customer’s site

What value

do we provide

We provide our customers with a one-stop-shop solution. We do so for customers throughout North America, indistinctly.

Externally, this means that they share their production process needs with us and we in turn deliver turn-key equipment.

Internally, this means we bring our in-house talents -with different engineering, technical, commercial, and administrative formation and professional backgrounds- together to brainstorm the how, plan for success, and then execute.

Why work

with us

There are many reasons why working with us could be a great next step in your career:

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