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À la carte service or work package

We can help you get going with your product development projects by providing you with additional engineering means and the required flexibility to efficiently fulfill the rapidly changing market demands. 

Our aim is to bring in higher productivity as well as cost reductions without increasing fixed overhead and new capital investments.

As part of our services portfolio, we provide added and flexible electronic and mechanical design services as well as software and firmware development and prototype parts fabrication and assembly.

  • Embedded systems.

  • Mechanical design.

  • Testing.

  • Prototype development.

  • Lab support services.

  • Outsourcing.

Our advantages

  • Domain knowledge (Automotive, automation and mobility).

  • Available talent and high tech infrastructure for added and flexible design capacities to you without new capital investments.

  • Reduction of development costs and fixed overhead.

  • Proximity (North American region).


Our engineering services

Embedded systems

Tailored embedded systems design and development that can be translated to lower time and costs to your processes and increase your system reliability.
Engineering  knowledge in software, firmware and hardware development.

+ Hardware

  • Analog and Digital Electronic Design, schematics, multilayer PCBs.
  • uControllers, uProcessors and DSP circuit implementations.
  • A/D and D/A designs.
  • Signal conditioning.
  • Application of FPGAs, DSPs, CPLDs and high speed logic interfacing.
  • Multilayer board design.
  • Cases, harnesses and connectors design, manufacture and assembly.

+ Firmware & Software


  • Controller Development, Communications.
  • Algorithm Implementation and Development.
  • Unit test development.

Software development

  • Graphical User Interfaces.
  • Control Units.
  • Monitor Units.
  • Database management systems.

Comm protocols & wireless technologies integrations

Bluetooth, CAN / LIN, Comandos, IrDA, I²C, GPRS, GPS, Profibus, RS232, RS485/422, SCI, SPI, TCP/IP, USB, Zigbee, 1-Wire.

+ Testing

We provide added and flexible laboratory support services, overflow testing, test bench design, test integration & automation.

Development and execution of testing for both hardware and software/firmware.

  • Software testing and debugging.
  • Reliability/life cycle testing.
  • Boundary testing.
  • Unit testing.
  • Functional testing.
  • System integration testing.
  • Structural coverage testing.
  • Requirements based testing.

Diagnosis and Analysis of electronic circuits (analog and digital).


Mechanical design

Product design and development, proficiency in CAD-CAM-CAE processes.

Platforms include Siemens NX, CATIA,  SolidWorks.

Our expertise in mechanical design includes 2D and 3D CAD services for DWG data editing, part validation, manufacturability checking, design automation, realistic viewing of 3D models, design comparison, routing, importing 3D scanned data, review and markup tool, feature recognition, etc.

  • Legacy systems support.

  • Drawing conversion/updates/clean up.

  • CAD transfer/migration.

  • ECO incorporation.

  • Standard part libraries.


Prototype development

Within our product development services, we provide added and flexible mechanical CAD design services as well as prototype parts fabrication and assembly so more efficient implementation of changes is possible.

For parts fabrication tasks, we employ CNC machining services and different rapid prototyping technologies.

Our services include:

  • Prototype fabrication.

  • Custom made housing design.

  • Fixtures design and fabrication.

  • Harness design and fabrication.



Engineering staff augmentation and work package outsourcing to provide the required flexibility for:

  • Efficiently adapting to the rapidly changing market demands.

  • Contributing to product development cost reductions.

  • Keeping up with the product lifecycle forces.

Contract engineering

Under a time and material scheme we provide contract engineering and consultancy services to fill the gaps in your project resources. Development efforts are consumed and billed based on the negotiated hourly rates.

We have a clear understanding about the context in which knowledge-based outsourcing is required to bring in higher productivity and quality as well as cost reductions without losing control on standards and IP protection.


  • Domain knowledge.

  • Access to a specialized engineering domains talent pool.

  • Available talent and high tech infrastructure for added and flexible design capacities to you without new capital investments.

  • Proximity for more efficient implementation of changes.


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