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Automotive Electronics

We develop and integrate multi-channel systems to acquire data and perform measurements from practically any sensor and signal as well as data from CANBus, J1939, J1587 and other specialized protocols for reliability/life cycle testing, product development, and quality assurance.

Systems are designed to read the outputs of the product, determine pass/fail and store data, display and save the report.

These high-speed, dynamic data acquisition systems are designed for analyzing detailed product performance under different test scenarios according to specific needs and requirements, with the maximum flexibility and network capabilities.

We efficiently integrate the required modules depending on customer’s actual requirements. Either using predefined testing platforms or our proprietary testing system, we deliver solutions to achieve:

  • Rapid test development.
  • Fully integrated software and documentation.
  • High throughput.
  • Batch testing capability, test library of routines.
  • Repeatability and accuracy.

Test control station for lot acceptance Airbag testing

The new 24-bit Airbag deployment test control station (TCStation) is a fully integrated, modular in-house design system, therefore we have no dependencies on any other integration system such as Data Acquisition systems (DAS), Pulse Generators or PLC systems.

Since we have developed and own the technology, we are in a position to provide comprehensive technical support to any layer of hardware, firmware and software. In addition to that, we can easily modify the system to suit particular Airbag requirements.

We also may provide integration capabilities to deliver turn-key solutions for Airbag Laboratories interfacing with other existing systems such as climate chambers, DAS, witness strobe lights, lighting systems, high speed video cameras, etc.


Main modules

The Ignition Pulse Unit (IPU) provides eight (8) independent data acquisition channels, 24-bit resolution, dedicated to current and voltage for all 4 squibs, running up to 52 KSamples/s each (user selectable). Data is store in NVRAM to protect data and then downloaded to the computer.

The Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) has sixteen (16) independent data acquisition channels, 24-bit resolution, available for temperature, airbag pressure or any measurement variable, running up to 52 KSamples/s each (user selectable). Data is store in NVRAM to protect data and then downloaded to the computer.

Data results are shown as raw data and also as SAE-J211 4 pole Butterworth anti-alias filtered signal.


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