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About us

We are a privately owned company based in Guadalajara, Mexico, established in 1991. Our customer base includes mainly automotive, aerospace and high-tech OEM & Tier-1 suppliers.

We provide engineered solutions, from design to deployment, covering mechanical, electro-mechanical, electronic, software and testing systems.

The sum of these capabilities along with a mind-set dedicated to the system development process and the wide range of state-of-the-art systems from our industry-leading partners, allow us to deliver comprehensive solutions.

Our value proposition

Value is provided to our customers either via engineering services for product development or through turn-key solutions (Tooling, Automation, and Testing) designed to meet singular sets of manufacturing and or testing requirements, always ensuring a successful implementation.

This value proposition is based on the wide spectrum of disciplines offered from one single design & build source, focused on delivering elegant, well-crafted solutions. All of the above, managing the whole cycle, from concept design all the way to on-site deployment and continuous, opportunistic support.


A multidisciplinary approach

The sum of our competencies and mind set revolving around the systems development cycle, complemented by third party technologies, allow us to offer our customers a bigger pool of cross competencies. These skills have been crafted by 25 years of accumulated experience in design, systems development, build/integration and applications deployment.

Enthusiastic, creative talent

Flexible, qualified engineering team with English technical communication skills.

Strong (multi-lingual) management team, with global programs’ work packages execution expertise.

Automotive, aerospace and high-tech domains knowledge.


Environment, labor and ethics

We continuously strive to strengthen our corporate structure and practices not only to achieve greater levels of efficiency and quality with a Quality Management System based on IS09001:2015 but also to align with Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility best practices.

In 2015 we registered and appraised at the EcoVadis supplier sustainability ratings platform. In 2016 we became an official participant in the UN Global Compact.

Furthermore, at ST, community service involvement is one of our long-standing objectives.


Advantages of working with us


/ Advanced tools
Domain knowledge
\ Automation


/ Location
Talent pipeline
\ Cost structure


/ Integration expertise
Multidisciplinary skills
\ Global mindset

Our main beliefs

Adaptability. We do our best to carefully listen and truly understand your project requirements but most importantly, your business goals, as original requirements suffer changes during project conduction, which call for agile adjustments and flexibility without losing sight of the core objective.

Simplicity. We regard common sense and try keeping things simple.

Trustworthiness. We honor our commitments.

Opportuneness. We are a program-oriented organization. The importance of well-managed projects with solid foundations and timely delivery to both our internal and external customers are well understood concepts.




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