Integrated Engineering Solutions



Engineered solutions for automatic, semi-automatic and manual assembly. Turnkey project delivery from a single source. 

We provide manufacturing automation engineering services aimed to improve productivity, ensure product quality and traceability of each individual part. Based on our lean systems development philosophy, we ensure on time delivery and effective performance to the agreed predefined specifications through modularity for ease of customization.

Systems include design, development and integration of software and hardware into solutions where parts assembling as well as automated inspection and testing are key components for corporations in achieving their QA and traceability goals.

Projects are executed thoroughly as production-ready, turnkey manufacturing systems integrating third-party equipment.


Design criteria

  • Lean conception to minimize size and floor space required, optimize materials supply and operating time-cycle.

  • Ease of operation and maintenance.

  • Reusability (interchangeable tooling).

  • Modular construction to facilitate maintenance and modifications.

  • Safety

    • Assessment according to global safety standards.

    • Safety functions definition.

    • Selection of appropriate safety systems.


Operational characteristics

  • Traceability systems with connectivity to MRP.

  • Safe and ergonomic (easy, suitable and safe operator interaction).

  • Compliant to the different OEM/Tier-one standards.



CAD-CAM-CAE processes

  • Product design and development, proficiency in CAD-CAM-CAE processes.

  • Platforms include SolidWorks, Siemens NX, CATIA.



  • Automatic assembly (pin, clip, logo, o-ring, components).

  • Conveying.

  • Data logging.

  • Direct part marking.

  • Dispensing (adhesive, grease).

  • Electrical testing.

  • Feeding (bowl feeder, in-line).

  • Indexing.

  • Joining (heat stake, aadhesive, ultrasonic weld).

  • Machine vision.

  • Networks, industrial (wired and wireless).

  • Pick & place.

  • PLC and PC-based control.

  • Printing / Labeling.

  • Punching.

  • Robotics (pick & place, welding, handling, inspecting, measuring, packaging, deburr, adhesive and grease application).

  • Screw-driving (torque, angle, automatic feeding).

  • Sensing.

  • Servo-drives programming.

  • Software (machine data gathering, reporting and database creation).

  • Storage & retrieval.

  • Traceability (RF, Optical: barcode reader, data matrix, OCR and UF).

Third party technologies

We team up with companies who are leaders in innovation in their respective fields providing access to the latest control and automation technologies available, some of these third party platforms on which we develop applications, include:

  • ABB robotics.

  • Allen Bradley.

  • Automation Direct.

  • Borries DPM.

  • Cognex.

  • Dalsa.

  • Fanuc.

  • Festo.

  • Keyence.

  • Modula.

  • National Instruments.

  • Rexroth.

  • Siemens.

  • Universal Robots.

  • Wenglor.



Poka yoke

Assembly stations furnished with the right poka-yoke mechanisms to ensure the means for correct joining process. This is done by arranging a single way parts shall be assembled prior to be fastened, snapped, bonded or welded together. These elements include guide nests and pins, sensors, limit switches, vision and optical inspection as well as automatic shutoff to prevent deviations from assembly process.

We design these assembly stations under lean concepts not only for assuring defect-free assemblies, operator’s safety and machine damage avoidance but also to delivering higher efficiency levels.


Assembly stations / cells / lines

Design, build, set up & support of assembly stations

Manufacturing solutions which help improve productivity, ensure product quality and traceability of each individual part. Based on our lean systems development philosophy, we ensure on time delivery and effective performance to the agreed predefined specifications through modularity for ease of customization.

The sum of diverse skills allows our engineering team to cover more process areas as we provide a larger pool of cross competencies, not only in the production equipment traditional process which include concept design and development, parts fabrication, assembly and integration, but also in custom electronic and mechatronics development activities which include PCB design, harness design, firmware, software, wireless communications, etc. for for control, product testing, inspection, sequencing and traceability. 

For that reason, we are well set to construct unique integrated assembly stations for improving manufacturing efficiency, accuracy, precision and quality through the integration of applicable technologies.


Inspection stations

Systems and engineered solutions for verifying product assembly, monitoring production, detecting defects, gauging, guiding, inspecting & identifying, counting and serial/lot traceability.

Cognex based solutions

We sell, develop, and support Cognex-based manufacturing automation solutions. These solutions include vision systems, vision software, vision sensors and industrial ID readers.

Our scope of services include:

  • Requirements analysis and equipment selection (cameras, optics, lighting, mechanical).

  • Applications development.

  • Consulting.

  • Training.

  • Support.


Testing in-process stations

Electrical in-process testing

Functional testing systems which help manufacturers improve productivity, have test repeatability and ensure product quality. 

  • Custom tester development & integrated system delivery.

  • Test data adquisition and processing (SCADA, etc.).

  • Systems designed for complete test sequence control.

  • Measurement of variables such as: voltage, ilumination, temperature, position, consumption, pressure, etc.

  • Test sequence automation and deveopment of test suites for data display.


Manufacturing execution systems

We have broad experience in industrial software development for control, automation, reporting, archiving and document management. 

  • Real time data analysis and in-process measurement systems.

  • Customized solutions including further processing of data acquired and stored in databases and exploited through web based apps, mobile devices or legacy systems.

  • Custom systems to transmit data and exchange transactions as well as middleware for linking commonly used legacy systems to fit customers specific needs with the aim of optimizing their manufacturing processes.

  • Access via intranet or web through secure connections.


Real time sequence systems

  • Station or Line.

  • Parts manufactured per turn.

  • Current status of stations (Active, Failure, Stop).

  • In the event of failure/stop a section for comments its available to check on status and progress for better visibility of causes and solutions.

  • Part Number.

    • Part number tracking since its introduction to the line (first station).

    • Status per part number.

    • Monitoring of each operation by station.

    • History.

      • Rework / Scrap.

      • Last station where the part was present.

      • Alerts (for example if a part is missing certain operations).

      • Cycle time.

      • Failures and time trends for continuous improvement.

  • Reports in real time for the line, individual station and part number.

  • Customized notifications to the right personnel according to the type of event (failure, down time, etc.).


Serial/lot traceability systems

(ID print/mark-read-data process)

Mark & read solutions

Marking-reading packages which includes, marking system, high performance reader, built-in lighting, an adjustable lens which offers three ranges of focal length, a USB cable and a CD which contains an easy to use setup tool which runs on a PC.

Traceability solutions (Print/Mark-Read-Data Process)

Customized solutions including further processing of data acquired and stored in databases and exploited through SOA, web based apps, mobile devices or legacy systems.


  • Automotive part tracking.

  • Electronic component tracking.

  • Supply chain.

  • Pharmaceutical and consumer products.

Automatic serial/lot traceability

Automated marking and tracking solutions for identification and traceability of parts and products by collecting selected information at check points. 

Depending on application characteristics, systems may be built either through the use of printing and direct-part-marking (link) along with vision technologies or through the use of RFID tags.


Systems used to interrogate parts carrying a microchip via electromagnetic waves (RFID Tag).


Specialized industrial vision systems consisting of cameras, optics and ilumination for capturing alphanumeric strings as well as 1D and 2D codes.  

Direct part marking

Exceptionally flexible technology from Borries, sold and supported by us in Mexico. 

BORRIES Stylus and scribe marking equipment.

All the way from traditional marking, scribe, stylus and dot-peening marking techniques, type-wheel marking to special-purpose machines.

  • Virtually all marking requirements can be accomplished.

  • Marking systems with manual or automatic handling for marking Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) or other complex components.

  • Can also be used on angled and/ or tapering surfaces.

  • Surface detecting devices available, special sensor units for depth detection or camera/ verifying systems.


Parts conveyance-storage-retreival systems

For facilitating the operator retrieval of kits and components at the assembly line, we provide storage and retrieval systems for easy and opportunistic component delivery, from pick-to-light systems for directing the operator to the specific slot according to sequence to fully automated systems from Modula where the right component is retrieved and brought to the operator automatically.
Pick-to-light solutions

Each kit or part location can be identified and, besides the actual guiding light it may be equipped with code scanner, acknowledgement button and/or associated data display. 
Automated solutions

Modula produces the highest quality automated storage and retrieval solutions designed to optimize space and improve warehouse management.

Manufacturing execution systems

Information may be linked in real time with the company IT systems for a better logistics and assembly components supply management.

Modula systems are integrated and programmed by us in North America.

Not only can Modula's product line help your company recover up to 90% of available floor space but it also can increase picking accuracy and throughput, add product security, as well as improve your workforce’s ergonomic functions. Modula’s automated storage technologies and vertical carousels save you time and resources in your picking operations as the material is stored inside carriers or trays of the storage system and delivered automatically, eliminating unnecessary bending, reaching, or walking.


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