If you are looking for a company that develops high-value, innovative and challenging projects, an organization where you may have the freedom to innovate and propose initiatives, ST is the perfect place to work. Here at ST, the main resource is talent and the constant need is to innovate.

Join the ST team to boost your skills, share your knowledge and acquire new learning!

At ST you will have your place place where your professional expectations may be satisfied.


Alejandro Rico, Embedded Systems Engineer



I find smart and creative people in ST every day. Together, we create solutions for customer needs and it is always an exciting experience.  I have no doubt that I found a way to accomplish my creative goals in ST.


Emmanuel Hernández, Manufacturing Engineer

Working at Soluciones Tecnológicas is synonymous with opportunity and professional development. It is very grateful to feel identified with the goals and ideals that distinguish this Company. Every day there are new challenges, and to achieve them the teamwork is indispensable.